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reaman - Bring you down



splitting riffs, solo's galore and guestvocals from Rabauw (you'll recognise them here and there... all the rest are my vocals).

Mastering was hell and isn't perfect. I give up. (note: tiny speakers kill the song)


Weren't you surprised to see my face
A still reminder to your fall from grace

and now your time has finally come
for you no kingdom come - you piece of shit!!!

I was looking forward to our next encounter
You're still as ugly but only older

and now your time has finally come
for you no kingdom come - you're on my list!!!

you'll pay for chances taken from me
no absolution don't deserve it
whatever you had in mind forget it
I will bring you down

Contemplation your live is over
Abdication is what's leftover
your last will well I own her
I will bring you down

I'll bring you down
I will cut you down
Bring you down

pendulum stopped swinging for you
eternal life is a utopia
my sentence cast upon youI will bring you down

your personal machiavelli
whatever I want I will have it
your life is worhless now I'll take it
but in hell you're wanted

I'll bring you down
I will cut you down
Bring you down

Be my guest!!!





Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

Owla ;-)
Really different from what I had imagined, based on the demo version ;-)
But great song of course!

Now I understand why you told me you had something different in mind when I did the verses, your timing on the vocal lines is different from mine.

I will write a more indepth comment later, got stuff to do now for work.

Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

Well, here it is... ;-)
I've listened to it for a couple of times now with a decent headset.

And well, I'm a bit disappointed to be honest. It's a great composition and I like it a lot, it's mainly the mastering though and the vocals that fuck up the song.

The mastering in general is way too compressed, and there's too much distortion on the voices, the effect on it is too harsh, it drowns out the rest of your mix. This forces your drums to plunge in the background, I was really hoping for some pounding drums in the final version. I hardly notice a bassdrum - something which I myself always pay a lot of attention to, but that's a matter of personal taste of course.

My favourite part would be the end (from 3'), where your vocals are in front and mine in the back in the left channel.

But I truely think you should do something about the mastering, I know it's been a hell of a task for you and that you've given up. Maybe I'll try a remix of the song, to show you my point of view. My main critique would be to have it sound less compressed, more punch on the drums and a better balance music vs vocals.

But I enjoyed doing the guest vocals and it was a great pleasure for me.
Cheerz mate!

reaman [be] - 12 years ago

mmmmh, yeah, you are probably right but I used no compression on any musical instrument at all on this one because I know it fucked up previous versions and experiments with metal guitars.

The efx on my vocals are necessary to make it sound hard (in means of sounding metal enough) because I'm not a metalsinger... (although I've been in a metalband when I was younger).

About the mastering... yes, I give up. I was so excited when I composed it but as for post-production you hardly can't be more dissapointed than me.

As for the remix.... be my guest, if you need the 'stems' of the original, just ask me.

thx for the constructive comment even though I'm not going to alter anything to the song myself anymore - I'm giving it away for adoption...

tiger001 [be] - 12 years ago

yep // could be one of the first demo's of Alice Cooper, or like all of us, when we were 16 and played our first band...

Rabauw [be] - 10 years ago

Amaikes dees is al 2 jaar geleden....owla tijd vliegt ;-)

reaman [be] - 10 years ago

yep, van mij ook...
heb nu zelfs geen muziekprogramma op m'n laptop staan (temporary) maar fotografie, langeafstandlopen en gitaar spelen gaan nu voor.