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LeBelgeElectrod - Owen - The Downfall (LebelgeElectrod RapidRemix)


this, symbolize all the frustration of my hamster. because he goes
through a hard period now because of the economic crisis

140 BPM






HarryPoppins [be] - 12 years ago

again, nickel
stop putting yr stuff onthis site, and fix yrself a goddamn release! :))

HarryPoppins [be] - 12 years ago

the break round 4.50 is a bit strange..
nice trak pouet
bassline reminds me of wobblefactor from tipper :))

HarryPoppins [be] - 12 years ago

allé jai reecouté le trak a owen, and this one is very full, very warm, very cool trak

Anonymous [be] - 12 years ago

franchement ta massacré c est de la balle

Skip [be] - 12 years ago

yeah...yeah...the shie-iiit...
awesome playfullness and effexin'.
fat sound, cewl mood,massiv wobbelin'.(used vocoder?)
waa- wii
(04:07 indeed a bit riskey)

good luck with your hamster
I really like the fat "electronic" touch

owen [be] - 12 years ago

reeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix wooaaaaargh shit shit shit if this is the rapid remix what would the long remix sound like i wonder????
Thanks for that LeBelgeElectrod !!
as we say in the uk this remix is a total rins out bad ass tune.

omihoshbin [be] - 12 years ago

your hamstring is not the only one having a hard time during these times of crysis...

superb sound quality, you crazy bastard ;)
agreed with harry poepings on the release, go make some cash!

Voxcoder [be] - 12 years ago

yes great stuff!

dialekte [be] - 12 years ago

mr bombastic!

Rag [be] - 12 years ago

fat man! really nice

StorungStelle [be] - 12 years ago

uber uber uber dubstep.
great variations.
and like harry said, this is recordshit.

Letrange [be] - 12 years ago

I've listened to it a few time today and I really really like it!
actually I allready loved the original from owen cause he gives a really great light floating vibe.
The remix is nice cause it keeps that king of light feeling but it add that massivness that really give a super result!!

kyulo [be] - 12 years ago

This one's BIG!

LeBelgeElectrod [be] - 12 years ago

Hey Thanks @ all and Thanks to you Owen that was very cool to do that ^^

DCE [be] - 12 years ago

Superb ! And I love the 'wawa' sounds, it sounds like a very well used Yam CS30 ;-) Great work

omihoshbin [be] - 12 years ago

great, you should make more remixes. congrats to owen, it's a great original too.

EgonFisk [be] - 12 years ago

cool maybe one of yer best ds tracks

transynth [be] - 12 years ago

very good as usual, love the way you fill up your track, good soundchoices for sure..bassline rocks btw ^^ thumbup

Dozik [be] - 12 years ago

Sweeeeet!!!! Bounce !! Bounce !! this is the shit man , Nice track!! this is a Dancefloor smasher!!!

Caiphas [be] - 12 years ago

Well this blew me away, great track... I thought an 8min dubsteptrack would bore me after 3min but not true at all!

But indeed, needs some work around 4:50?

Kyran [be] - 12 years ago

Indeed one of your best tracks ever. I do think you can shorten it to about 5 and a half minutes. The part around 4:30 doesn't really appeal to me.

Overall the usual: kick ass bass, great drums, superb soundquality, party stuff, get it released, what are you doing here and how much do we need to tell you? ;)

phollox [be] - 12 years ago

superb!!! bass is the shit!

bandarlog [be] - 12 years ago

Ow yeah! Now that's what I call tweaking your bassline :)

SEXTOY [be] - 12 years ago

En fait tous tes sons dubstep cartonnent. Chaque fois l'début j'accroche pas à cause de certains sons (genre techno, transe, house). Mais après arrive la wobble bass complètement déjantée, et ça m'fait triper.

T'as d'l'avenir petit :D

OforOdetta [be] - 12 years ago

pfoew !!! yes really fcking insanely good dubstep if you ask me !

Dafreeze [be] - 12 years ago

very nice!

Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

fucking love it....

Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

ton hamster a de bons gouts en musik fais lui un gros poutou de ma part

LeBelgeElectrod [be] - 11 years ago

Mon Hamster ?

endora [be] - 11 years ago

really love it !
like the talking wobbles (for me they sounds like your talking) really love it when I've got that feeling
big up !