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magzim - woke up with shit on my face


new version, worked on some details, like bassmelody, skank, rim (softer) and structure, there may be some distortion.





liquidbass [be] - 7 years ago

very nice

ShiZen [be] - 7 years ago

the snares are way too loud compared to the other sounds, especially the first one you use. the offbeat chord organ is a bit too thin, maybe use less lowcut. you should sometimes play the snare on other rythmical moments than the kickdrum as a variaton, not just the repeats but especially the first one and maybe end on the kick.also use some subtle filling up layers to make the track more full. melodica or accordion with a big hall reverb usually work very well to have top end contrast to the fat bassline, the track has a very nice groove

Janus [be] - 7 years ago

Nice one ! :D

magzim [be] - 7 years ago

thx for the advice ShiZen! Ill try working on it some more! Dont really know what u mean with end on the kick..u mean i should end the song on the kick?

ShiZen [be] - 7 years ago

i meant that in the rythm the snares are always triggered on the same time as the bassdrum.

ShiZen [be] - 7 years ago

k is kick
ks is kick + snare
s is snare
x is silence
every letter is a 16th note
instead of

ShiZen [be] - 7 years ago

better sound and composition,but that flute is not loud enough , did you play it live btw? i think a cumbia-style accordeon could be nice in this track

magzim [be] - 7 years ago

isnt that a dnb beat? ill try it out..im afraid i dont have that accordeon...mayeb hypersonic has something close to it

ShiZen [be] - 7 years ago

halion 1 or hypersonic
it's the melody that makes it cumbia-like

ShiZen [be] - 7 years ago

its in 4/4 instead of 6/8 but the principle i wanted to explain is the same

TRaffik [be] - 7 years ago

Fucking dope man!!

What is even more awesome is that this sound comes from Gent!

magzim [be] - 7 years ago

Hail Gent!

I tried some accordions to replace the flute (its a piccolo actually, and its hypersonic, so not live)
but i dont feel that it would fit.

corbendallas [be] - 7 years ago

yeaah cool !

koan [be] - 7 years ago

nice vibes

endora [be] - 7 years ago

love it