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Soul Society - Shouldn't Feel So Good


driving d&b.
I think this could be a good one (at least better than my previous stuff), but I'm not really sure about the structure of the instruments in it. ICZ, needs an in- and outro too.
I think my bass and breaks are decent, but any advice is most welcome.





CruizeOfFiction [be] - 7 years ago

pretty awesome liquid,

one of the best liquid tracks here on ebel, congrats.

LFO basses remind me of AI - desperado (yep a complement)

still its pretty standard liquid. But I guess the genre hasn't evolved that much the last years so I don't mean no disrespect by that remark:)

thumbs all around

ZoOlR [be] - 7 years ago

That's pretty nice ! Good work on the quality.
Just the good balance. I mean there are not too much elements.

Djuna [be] - 7 years ago

@ CoF: I understand what you're saying, I've listened to the song today a couple of times and I'm already tired of it - not such a good sign huh. :p Like ZoOlR also said, could use some more elements. The thing is, when a song is going to some sort of direction and 'vibe', it's hard for me to let that go, if you know what I mean - or maybe that's just me ^^

Thanks for the comments by the way :)

ZoOlR [be] - 7 years ago

Don't think it needs more elements. I totally got the same problem, mostly with dnb...
Maybe try to work the bass a little bit?
Just a question, which program do you use for the mastering?

theon [be] - 7 years ago

Great Song!!! Congratulation...I like it a lot....

TRaffik [be] - 7 years ago

Big, big tune.
Saved + liked.

Djuna [be] - 7 years ago

@ ZoOlR: didn't master it, I still got a lot to learn about that :) the DAW I use is FL

endora [be] - 7 years ago

nice !

Janus [be] - 7 years ago

Even more liquid than the water itself :D

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 7 years ago

maybe add some vocals (don't be afraid to use auto-tune) for an even more sticky poppy effect, could do the track some good

Chunkssss [be] - 7 years ago

nice :) everything sounds in place to me, and yes verry good drive

Anonymous [be] - 7 years ago

i just like this song! super liquid.

Djuna [be] - 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips guys!

SEXTOY [be] - 7 years ago

Why everybody's calling Djuna Liquid ???

Liquidbass is from luxemburg and Djuna from antwerp, wtf ? 0o