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brandtkalk - micro eternity


lyrics and voice from Iryna

Clocks are inanimate liars:
We cling to the second hand,
A minuscule movement
Barely discernible
While galaxies exploded,
Were sucked into black holes
… Were forgotten.
We observe from the stillness of
Our ticking in the dark.
Stars are recollections of aeons past.
We are recollections of ourselves.
A black hole draws its breath,
We struggle against the pull,
The terror at having been
Less than an inaudible sigh.
We grieve for loss of self
Of returning to our origin,
Seemingly emerging
Were caught in our own thought:
To be less than a speck in the universe:
How perfect!

Consider your birth.
Do you not remember it?
Does that mean it wasn’t?
Do you imagine that
You always existed?

Consider individual self: existence as absolute identity.

Consider a moment of the dream-state.

Consider that it takes the human brain five minutes to complete the process of dying.

Consider the inevitable: you will cease.





JackSoundStack [be] - 11 years ago

great song

brandtkalk [be] - 11 years ago

thx dear