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brandtkalk - DEDALE


voice and arrangement missing

New lyrics on the track Dédale soonly by Iryna http://www.myspace.com/irynski

Dedalé [Dædalus]
Bruegel observed from
The merchant ship and
Ploughman’s point of view,
I lived it from
The centre of my eyes.
It was a day
Like any other
When my sun
Fell from the sky
Into a labyrinth of
My own making…
To be lost
To me.
A moment when
The core of the earth
Should have stopped spinning,
Should have
Cracked its jaws.
My heart
Should have imploded:
Oblivious to
Its own laws
Existence went on
Regardless of
My genius.
Is this why
I have been
I: who extract algorithms
From nature
And manipulate
To defy
The nature
Of nature itself,
Weave webs
With mathematical precision.
I: who think
I can contain my own fears,
Other’s monstrosities
An easy feat
By comparison.

By laws of reason I
Can create
Minor miracles, or
So it seems.
But the Universe
Goes on –
Despite my brilliance,
Despite my thinking
I am sun –
Oblivious to
My catastrophe.
How can I
Contain outcomes?
I am still
Enamoured of
My own mind.
The Universe understands
That there are no catastrophes:
Only catastrophisation
If one thinks
Before the fact.
Auden overlooked the most
Poignant moments of existence
Pondering the ‘Musée des Beaux-Art’:
Those before the fall
And the cessation.
Perhaps I, too,
Should have
Embraced the moment,
Fallen into the sun,
The ephemera,
The soaring,
The exhilaration
The labyrinth,
The heart of
Existence itself.
Perhaps I, too,
Should have taken
Flying lessons
From Icarus [Icare].





rf061992 [be] - 11 years ago

i love you.......

BpOlar [be] - 11 years ago

nasty ... curious to hear the full mix

brandtkalk [be] - 11 years ago

thx so much
yes I'm curious too