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Dezma - The Darkest Hour




NicoN [be] - 18 years ago

Great track with a nice deep atmosphere ! I like the percussions very much and the way the song progresses. Bassline is well done. This one will also go into my favourites !

Carbura [be] - 18 years ago

yeah, It's like a eurodance/bonzaï mix. Really well fitting synths and drums. I agree with NicoN, there is a good progress in the track. The only thing 's missing IMHO are some high bleeps that "answer" the chorus. Thumbs up, good job.

FlashyJ [be] - 18 years ago

I just love this track ! One of the best trance track on ebel, for sure... It just sounds great, the sounds are well chosen, melodies are nice ( though sad, i prefer euphoric trance but that's my taste, you know :p ) and all the structure/FX work is just awesome ! Too bad you didn't signed it ! Goes into my favourites !

bjornc [be] - 18 years ago

oh man! this is hot!..
great sounds!..
nice synthz..
ready for record deal ..
a pitty trance isnt a big market anymore :(

a vocal on it would be cool i think!

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

Baloo from Telenet forums.

really nice track , great producing , nice work , mastering is fine , mixing is good.

I really like your style ,
Some say trance isnt populair anymore ,
well , i dont think that .


KiPpIe [be] - 18 years ago

Really great song, love the synths...
You might want to consider making it a bit shorter, though, as I feel the buildup is a bit too slow

bandarlog [be] - 18 years ago

Nice one!!! Damn I love this genre... A bit old, a bit predicatble some more melancholic...but that's what it's supposed to be. Very nice! Make sure you mention on what compilation this song will surely end up on, cause I will buy it for sure. cheers! ;)

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

Best track tutututuu

DJerem [be] - 18 years ago

nice !!!!

DarkStar [be] - 18 years ago

This track sounds like a "trancemaster" track too. I love this kind of trance! I put it into my favorite! Great melody and great beat!

TranceBoy [be] - 18 years ago

Good track .

Maybe built up faster .
Bass is a bit weird , but it's ok .

As for me , i'll make it faster , like 143 bpm orso .

Because now , i cant dance on it .

Kick is faded awaw by the rest , try to fix it . Eq , volume .

Good job , like your style !

bjornc [be] - 18 years ago

so when is this (new version of this song on ebel).. can't w8t to give comment :-)

Dezma [be] - 17 years ago

Thx for all comments