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reaman - babel vote here (xtech v.)


the x in xtech stands for any kind of techno because some of you want to label everything.
proud of it
please give me feedback on this one... it's not my genre but i guess i did well this time





blanblan [be] - 15 years ago

Je ttrouve que la mélodie du début au clavier n'a rien a voir dans le morceau et qu'elle n'est pas du tout nécessaire à l'introduction du morceau :):):)

take it easy man
Sinon il est vraiment bien

heatfuse [be] - 14 years ago

you have every reason to be proud! it's real good, I like it a lot...the synths remind me of early Laurent Garnier. this version is also better mastered compared to the previous. Like blanblan, I'm not too crazy about the sound of that pad in the beginning and I dislike the sound starting at around 5:40. Structure is real good and main synth is lovely (have you thought about applying some automated filtering towards the end?). I'm in doubt of putting this one in my favs...it could be improved, so I'll wait 2 c if u make a new version ;)

cestqui [be] - 14 years ago

well,its a lot better,only i hate that melody at the end,not the sound itself,i find it suitable,but the melo that ya played with it(too fast)

techno is techno,only do ya have pounding,rollin,and deeptechno;

if i would label this,i would call it>>parkinson techno

muhahha,cause of the hi hats and snares,daring but not too convincing for me

the best part,is the rewind loop,the mastering of it

for structure,i would begin with your ending,no parkinson there,and it would climb towards more movement

thats it,i enjoyed it though,but there's room for more artistic work

techno aint that easy,if ya want it to be convincing,greeetz

reaman [be] - 14 years ago

to heatfuse: haven't you noticed that blanblan's comment dates from january, that's a mistake - it's a comment for another song of me. Well, your remark still could work. Thanks for commenting anyway.
to cestqui: i always take your comments very serious though it is not always easy to understand what you are saying. Yeah, techno is not really my cup of tea but cannot blame a guy for trying?! Parkinson techno??? is that a joke or is there an artist called parkinson... i really dont know.
the end-synth could be lost it was a risk. Just wanted to exercice some knobbing and pre-recording

heatfuse [be] - 14 years ago

oh yeah I see now, my bad! I was simply talking about the sound of it, the melody is just fine :)

Carbura [be] - 14 years ago

I really dig the atmoz. Very nice drums!!! Really creative! Not a fan of the last tune either. Sorry.

Don't ask me if this is "correct techno". I don't care, it's a good track. Thumbs up+++

DJerem [be] - 14 years ago

Yeahhh not bad !!! i prefer the end than the begining but it's realy sympatic track !!!!

djsennahoj [be] - 14 years ago

i dont really see why this gets a lot of positive comments. I really cant imagine this track to be played on a dancefloor. I think it lacks structure, the structure which makes real (repetitive) techno so addictive. This is more like house or trance, with some chaotic moments. Maybe the fact i've danced on richie hawtin's set last night influenced my criticism, but except for the rolling bassline and the main synth, the rework should be radical, imo.

heatfuse [be] - 14 years ago

I disagree with ya djsennahoj, there is a clear red line througout the song without sounding too repetitive (which is quite an art). Too repetitive = boring. Besides who said this was supposed to be dance-music? the fact whether you can shake on it or not doesnt qualify good music.

Funky [be] - 14 years ago

Nice fx's & pad!! Whatever style this might be...I enjoyed listening to it! Like what you've done with that voice! Grtz

firefrog [be] - 13 years ago

i like the flow of this one, but i'm not very wild of the fast melody at the end... if u want to keep the melody, i'd change the sound of it, it sounds a bit too thin to me; i'd change it by a industrial-sounding sound with some sharp edges (played 2 octaves lower) to make a contrast with the pads (i'm searching for a good example, and i'm thinking of the sound of the melo of "firefarter" by icteder, but then a bit more rough and edgy-er).
for the rest, i also like the voice and the reversed rythms (though don't overdo them).

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

thanks for reviewing this one...

will listen to the song by icteder and will see what i can do