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reaman - who left so early?


does this have a future as a song? Please help me, otherwise i wouldn't have put it here!!!
What could I do next, how should this evolve?





cestqui [be] - 15 years ago

i cant describe it,but what i'm seeing on my audio meter,match what i hear;

a lot of sub,too overblown,to get a kick through it,even a tech house clikkickdrum;

so(u know i never talk about positive),this is due to some exiter -stereo enhancer,keep the subs and kick in monofield;

dont widen them up,for some projects it could work;

but if ya want to turn my stumac,with a kickdrum and sub;it needs a body;

compare it to a suny sunbreeze vs the nord see winter wind;

and techno does not want to be presented as elegant;better ruff to suit the picture;

all and all for composition,it aint mutch to analyse;

1ste impresion,is not bad,just the sound ,makes it 50´% less powerfull;

anyway,in order to achieve a goal,you need to make it like this,this way i can see and hear,you are searching;for the ultimate setups;

wich is very positif,i can only name 4-10 people on e-bel ,that match this profile;

so before anyones mis-interpet,my intentions

i sound neg,to achieve some thing positif;

anyways,keep going,and euhhh

headphones dont like stereo mixing,if ya catch my drift,i know this is the only option,but you schould really doublle soundcheck,your stufff on stereosytem,even 5.1 system wont do,when it comes to it;

hope you're helped in a way,and make somthing good out of it;

will follow the progression,greeetz

Funky [be] - 15 years ago

Yea...The sub/bass is interfearing with the BD...I think there are some freq's overlaps... Just letting you know what I hear, because i'm really not an expert...

Carbura [be] - 15 years ago

I think I juust heard an intro of a song with much potential. A dirty saw in the lead would do a lot! Big fat bd on it and you got yourself a floortrack! I like the melo! (thou according to cq there is no melo in techno) Make it fat fatter fattest! Keep it up! No sound comments from me cause seems I'm not pro enough for an amateur...

cestqui [be] - 15 years ago

i never said,there isen't melo in techno;

melo's are mostly distorted,pitched sounds;unrecognisable,that speak the words,mean,nasty,sometimes funky

and he has something agresive,wich is a bazeline,and i liked that;

only thing is,ya can make a 1000good things out of this;its al about,what ya have in mind;

2nd part in this w,ill be harder,to have something that fits,as a melo

i would do a acid ,track with this,this is starting of as a joe beltram track,or demon wild;

and placing a fat,tb melo in it, in 12 steps in a 4/4 beat,so it plays 1 melo in 3 bar of beats;

may be cliche',but it doesn't seem to mind robert hood

lower the rfeq on the baze-sub-sound>then we got mid-freq,that we lovely compress,into a body hell bazeline(get it bloody hell),and no stereo expanding

so ya can add a pounding kickdrum,with low frequincies;its all very simpel,sometimes you guys do to diffrent;

like in french language,you have to stick to a certain amount of rules,and exeptions;

live by them,
dont bend the rules of nature,or our hearingcapabilety's

sub is nice,only hard to control

djsennahoj [be] - 15 years ago

Blablabla... reverb is terrible, song has a lot of potential

reaman [be] - 15 years ago

well, just listened again myself through the ebel flash player and now i understand what comments you give. It's overblown indeed, it didn't through my player. I hate all those different outputs.