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Psychobass - Superior Manners


Hi folx,

My newest track was made last weekend, again a mnml tracker with acid elektro soundingz ... floorkiller like in climax ... but that's a bit to optimistic :p ... i still have to improve my skills day by day ... maybe take the leep from fl stuid into reason ? ... i dunno

anywayz still made with FL 4
grtz B! Commentz Appreciated!





djsennahoj [be] - 11 years ago

Very psychobass :p :p !!! The only thing i would do different (there's always one thing of course) is the main melody (the bassline here). I would attach some of the same sounds, like delays or just new samples. So it doesnt seems like you recycle ('loop') the same melo over and over. That would give more of a focus on one theme, it would be more mnml-style (i dont really like the acid stuff anyways, so...) Greetz & thumbs up!!!

yenneman [be] - 11 years ago

only one comment? That's a shame! Darker than your other songs...you know I'm no minimalfreak, but when you blend it with other styles, like you're doing here, it appeals to me! Love the distorted acid-sounds!!

firefrog [be] - 11 years ago

it's tasty deep minimal!!
i would only do the filtering on the acidline a bit smoother, no sudden changes but very long and smooth changes (like really taking us on a high). the slowing down is original, though it could be worked out better (some one-shot sounds, some reverb on the acidline,...). the lfo on the acidline can be used a bit more (and also mayeb a bit slower?), not to have it too long on the full frequencies. u can also play with the release-time of the notes and maybe a sweeping hi-pass filter on some elements before adding new things,.... it are all ideas that can be worked out.
but i like what u made till now!!

ps: i moved it to the minimal-section, just like some of your other minimal tracks that were still in the technosection

adio [be] - 11 years ago

pretty damn cool...

Jokke [be] - 11 years ago

Not realy my kind of stuff, but i have to comment on the sound, it's realy good! It's nice 'n warm and the groove is there aswel, keep it up... Grtz