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pittaman - centered exponential for anything


It's a very basic "algorithmic composition". If you can call it that. Start of with a long note, and half the note's length then put that note 3 semitones above the first largest note. And make sure the middles of ALL the notes in the composition are exactly in the middle of the largest note. I'd made a formula for that, so I wouldn't have to think about it.

I also used this to practice my score writing I've learned so far in the past few days ( http://www.moon-zine.be/noise/scores/ )

The point is that you can play this structure with any kind of sounds or instruments to make it more interesting. Because the basic structure is quite boring. So is my version with sounds. But hey, I wanted to post it ;)





brandtkalk [be] - 11 years ago

that remember me my shaving in the bathroom

filmjolk [be] - 11 years ago

hey is it mouth rythms?
i'm a bit disappointed by the score. i don't think an "academic" score fits this kind of music. there's only the chords of the pad, nothing for rythms or for the effects... well, there is still no "conventional" scores for electronic music (even if there are attempts since the 1950's), and we still don't know if it's in fact necessary...

oops, musicology, get out of me -_-'

pittaman [be] - 11 years ago

Yeah, as I said I'm just starting to learn to read those score things, it's all just playing around. I did make some sounds with my mouth yeah, but I doubt if it's actually a rythm though.

Edit: Oh and by the way. To elaborate on the score. There is only one score indeed. That is because the only thing the score represents is a structure. The score doesn't say how the music wil sound. You can go many ways. In the mp3 which is just an example of how it could sound I added together a sine wave, some other synthesizer with some LFO controlled effects and a sampleplayer which had different samples assinged to the various tones. So there are three layers, each with their own sound, which all follow the structure from the score.

I'm working on another version (structure as well as texture), a little more interesting hopefully.