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pittaman - Naftetank Droom


It all started with me playing with that little microphone that is still laying around here. The feedback and whatever crap that makes it hum. I then made some sounds moving my hand back and forth and so on. Recorded that part.

Then I wanted to extende that sound, with something a little more musical. So I came up with a bunch of "clever bits" as I like to call that.

As I was making the actual sounds a thought sprung to mind about some old foreign movie I didn't understand. A scene was in it where somebody had a really weird dream. With a turkey standing in front of his window. A woman juggling 3 non existent balls (or maybe they existed, I forgot, it's not important) and some gas pump wich seemed to appear on places together with that turkey. Hence the title. Although "Naftetank" is actuall y dutch for "Gaspump". I made a little mistake there.

I came up to make the beat hard to hear, creating a more troubling and more tiring experience, just like that dream wasn't exactly a wet dream in the good sense.

At that point, arranging everything something was still missing. My dog barked outside while I was playing the song. I decided that bark was well in place in that song. I couldn't really sample my dog's bark. So I found a sample.

And hence, some kind of weird noise song I still quite like.




stryder [be] - 11 years ago

that s some sick shit pittaman !
it's really good :heavy: