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reaman - the skin


120 bpm

some will find this cheap...

be carefull with your superwoofers.... it gets loud...
but you have to play it loud....

started out as a romantic song with vocals called "When I'm with you" - see how things can change...

working to a climax in three parts (I like that structure) - near the end it even becomes sort-a-like Rave with metal guitars... odd combination of sounds

just have a listen and looking forward to your comments

maybe i could've used filtering here and there, some phasing or flanging and some more whooshes but that's for the final version....

a french female vocal would fit in? nah, the songs not sexy enough for that....





yenneman [be] - 14 years ago

I like the structure and compo much, but it lacks a bit of power...I'd keep the structure, but would change some sounds, give it a rolling bassline + a harsher kick and snare...but then you'd probably end up in another genre :).

I wonder why you named it 'the skin'...I visualized some mutating human while listening, a bit like in Tetsuo: the iron man.

Cool track.

TheThreatOfDawn [be] - 14 years ago

Don't really know about the build-up, so I'll leave that unquestionned. What I do know is that I am missing some more "pounding" beat! Specially in the endpart (the rave-part as you stated) The drumming stays a bit thin and in the background! Should ad a heavier beat with breaks or something...

reaman [be] - 14 years ago

didn't see it like that but if you're the second one saying so might be correct....
will reconsider things and as stated... not the final version because i know it's far from good

anyway, thanks for constructive comments yenneman and threat of dawn

Rabauw [be] - 14 years ago

The melodies and rave synths are top notch, ultra fast and groovy, I like the melodies and all. I just would like to hear more blasting percussion, like the others already mentioned. It sounds rather thin at the moment, I wanna hear a deep electro kick and an übernasty snare, it would go along with the rest of the production better. Like for the calm parts you can keep the percussion you have now, then when the rave synths pop in you could use some massive percustuff, I’m sure the track could be a damn floorfiller. Some of the synths are so sharp you could cut a bulldozer in two with them, that’s why I like the title so much “the skin”, yeah with those synths I can imagine you could peel off someone’s skin layer by layer. And what about some completely distorted electro-vocals? I know you’re a bit reluctant towards the use of your voice but why not give it a shot for once…? Put some massive distortion on it, would fit the track easily.