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reaman - Untill darkness comes


First ever live recording I made!!!

Finally bought myself some decent recording equipment.

This song is an acoustic song with guitar and vocals and hardly any editing. Just a little reverb on the guitar and vocal.
It's about a(n imaginary) girl I got out of a sect that was brainwashing her.
It's full of inaccuracies (I'm not guitarplayer nor a singer) and sometimes seriously out of sync - I know.

For those who wondered...folk is one of the genres I didn't have songs in...
For those interested... (capodaster on 1))
first part:F5 - F7sus4 - C#maj7 - Fsus4 - Em
chorus: A#m - D - A#m - D - D#maj9 - A#m

edit: rather important edit, tried to sync the vocals more the way I had the song in mind. Added minor changes to effects and a very silent cello in the "solo" of the guitar (5 jan.08)

Lyrics: (as if you wouldn't understand them...)

Step outside
into the light they

It's not your heart
but for your life they

You and I
in their eyes

In hell you lived
but I 'll give you

They say I'll
leave you with the

Look into my eyes
do you believe
that is true

They say that I
fear the light
cast a spell on you

Run back into their arms
they will surely sacrifice you
untill darkness comes

I know it – you just want to be saved
don't hide it – you just want to be saved
believe me – I can save you tonight





Rabauw [be] - 13 years ago

ah, dus bij deze vervalt mijne PM met de vraag of ge al ne micro gekocht had :-)

This is EXCELLENT! Damn, December seems to be such a great month for Ebel's musical quality. A lot of splendid songs that I've discovered over the past couple of days.

I love it Reaman, one of your best songs ever! It's filled with sincerity, emotion, and sadness. The fact that you recorded it live and not programmed it also gives extra genuine credit to the song.

I like the lyrics a lot too, interesting topic that you're dealing with. Your voice suits this kind of music too.

Excellent job, yepyep, a marvellous song to end 2007 with. Some discovery this is!

Ni twijfelen, straight into my favs.

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

*reads the comment again*
*blushes even more - feels very happy*
*says thank you very much*

SylvaindeMerode [be] - 13 years ago

Now I can go sleeping. Peaceful, your song is simply amazing and the quality of the recording makes me voiceless. Congratulations for the performance, keep going (also) in this way !

MucH [be] - 13 years ago

totally agree with Rabauw

Full of emotion and chicken chair :)

Love it too, fav :)

Delitrixx [be] - 13 years ago

This got some real potential:p
echt vree goed erik!
petje af!
instrumentaal klinkt het zeer mooi,
en kverschiet van uw stem in d epositieve manier!:d
very good job!

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

Thanks for all the very positive comments... it's a real support in my search for more genuine and acoustic tracks.

and to be honest... the timing of the vocals can be much better - as is the picking of the guitar. A newer and more accurate version will follow next week.

Thanks for checking out my music.

yenneman [be] - 13 years ago

No discussion. Despite some tiny timing issues a magnificent recording. Great, great voice, really...

A little volume boost is all it needs actually. Kudos for the fact you only used a minimal amount of effects, really sets the mood.

I'd love to create something like this...may I know what equipment you bought and how much you paid for it?

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

H2 recorder from ZOOM - thx for the comment. 198euro (try to buy in US - about same price but in dollars - but you risk getting caught.)

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

I made an important new edit of this song so please give it a re-listen. Although you liked the first version very much, I believe this one is better. It's more the ay I had it in my head.

SylvaindeMerode [be] - 13 years ago

I say yes. I try to compare both versions. First of all i like the dubbel voice at the beginning, maybe add it a bit more effect. During all your track I've imagine a cello response to your voice and what a surprise to hear it at the end. well done. ( I've also imagined a flute touch to give more drama to the song ). At 2:08 your voice have more brightness, the change is too audible. It should be probably good to keep this tone all along. There are some unwanted tempo variations that makes me difficult to remix it :) but in a live without gard I guess it's impossible . One last thing for post treatment, eliminate the noise, it's quite easy I did it with no special software and it sounds better again. I hope that my comment do not afraid you, I really really love this song.

eeezzeepeezzeee [be] - 13 years ago

this is great stuff...
gave me courage to post sth alike here, I wasn't sure if it was the right place

SpazzMano [be] - 13 years ago

nice! a version with druming guitar bass line would be welcome i thing

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

thx.. a full instrumented version will be possible in the near future

@eeezzeepee...: glad it made you dare... will check it out tonight.

Distreality [be] - 13 years ago

very nice sensitive track, good work mate !

eeezzeepeezzeee [be] - 13 years ago

It will take a week or 2 I think:p
thanks anyway

eeezzeepeezzeee [be] - 13 years ago


Rabauw [be] - 13 years ago

Good edit, liked that cello all sounds very real.

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

Never thought my tiny little song would get that much attention.
too be honest - it was made in a rush. The idea and the words of the song. I bought that micro and on the way back home I started thinking of the lyrics. I wanted to have a (new) song ready that night.
I have many songs like that... I'm considering to have some more of this here on Ebel in the near future.

One site helped me enormously: www.all-guitar-chords.com
there you can place the fingerposition on the fretbard and instantly you get the name of the chord you play. Chords I play a long time but and that aren't very common suddenly have a name! (see descritption of the song)

KidWhisky [be] - 13 years ago

nice man nice ! enjoy very much !!! :)

ELFENKOMMANDO [be] - 13 years ago

ohmy ... what a touching and honest song ... *rispek*
lemmieknow when your playing live again, i'll be on the first row crying my eyeballs out ;)

reaman [be] - 13 years ago

never played live before... but it's a future thing!

first live ever will be on school 18th of may, playing a song for about 400 people. The song I'll be playing then will be online i the near future. It's inspired by the Natasha Kampush story (and ofcourse our all little girls kidnapped for sexual pleasure - our own Dutroux victims are no forgotten).

Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

damn, just listened to this one again, it actually gave me goosebumps.

reaman [be] - 12 years ago

well, it's rather mysteriously creepy indeed.
what would it give with full instrumental support?? (that's what I ask about all my singer-songwriter songs...

Got plenty more to come but after holidays.