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kiande - Chakra Phool


A melodic deep housey tune, a bit synthesizer-heavy, a few samples here and there. First song I made with Reason v4. Happy listening!

"Chakra Phool, or Star Anise is a spice that closely resembles anise in flavor, obtained from the star-shaped pericarp of Illicium verum, a small native evergreen tree of southwest China. The star shaped fruits are harvested just before ripening. It is widely used in Chinese cuisine, in Indian cuisine where it is a major component of garam masala, and in Malay/Indonesian cuisine. It is widely grown for commercial use in China, India, and most other countries in Asia. Star anise is an ingredient of the traditional five-spice powder of Chinese cooking. It is also one of the ingredients used to make the broth for the Vietnamese noodle soup called ph?. It is used as a spice in preparation of Biryani in Andhra Pradesh, a south Indian State."





transynth [be] - 9 years ago

Nice!I like the vibe you created, good happy mood stuff.Thumbup offcourse!

icteder [be] - 9 years ago

yep very neatly produced.not my style at all but you now how to produce something on the other side i think it sounds a bit grey; there is no hook( weerhaak) could be a promotrack for liberty tv. nevertheless thumb up

kiande [be] - 9 years ago

Haha, soundtrack for a club med beach vacation commercial perhaps? ;-) I don't know how i come up with this stuff, actually. Oh well, had a good time putting this one together, up to the next song!

icteder [be] - 9 years ago

:). well respect anyways.very good producing

eddie [be] - 9 years ago

hey man. Nice track again. You still got it. Idd has a high 'club med' vibe ,-)

anyhow, like the pad, bassline and all the small synth elements. The piano however makes the song a bit too heavy imo. Too overly present in a track that is mostly chill.


Rabauw [be] - 9 years ago

Haaaaa hier se daar se, the return of the Jedi...euh, the Kiande.
Good to see you've climbed out of your sarcophage and produced something new after all these years, oh mighty pharao! ;-)
I'll listen and comment later.

Rabauw [be] - 9 years ago

ha my friend, I didn't know you take an interest in the Spice Girls...euh, in spices I mean ;-)

Good song man, the wavy synths are a bit cliché, soit. I do enjoy the piano progressions, that's well composed.
I'm listening on headphones and it seems I'm missing some low freqs? Could that be...I mean, it seems there are a lot of mid freqs, but perhaps you wanted to mix it this clear?

The synth sequence in the second part actually is making me move, it has quite a disco feel. Maybe you should change bony_incus in Boney M hahahaha :D

Wanneer gaan we nog es keihard zuipen?

cestqui [be] - 9 years ago

when stumbling onto your song,i coulden'resist to comment,since we have
such a nice past together.you may have noticed i'm not that present anymore on elektrobel,and for the best i guess.music isen't a hobby for me anymore,its become a trade.

about your song now...i like the arpegio,but it does strange things at 1min05,the timing is messed up,for the rest of the song,it does it work.you dont fall into chaos,and thats what it lacks.i mean by that a great pianosolo.its all to bit on the safe side.i dont understand your structure too.you start off quit agresive.i mean it all comes in at the beginning,and then drops about 1-2 minutes later,there's also no break.at least not noticable.i think the song plays and plays but hasen't got a climax or something to remember.ahh but well...you had fun making it,that's what matter,and know your spices.


Skip [be] - 9 years ago

totally totally love those 80's synths, (can you tell me if you used a vsti for that synth? and wich one? sounds reeeaaaal good)
Goes verry well with piano and those funky guitars...damn I think ill save it....would be my first house track i ever down here on ebel after a big year of activity here.
Melodyz make everything so colorfull and tastefull...luv the "everything is ok" feel to it.

...maybe add a climax here or there ,but this is alreaddy a darn fine piece...again not my usual style, but for me, if the melodyz are good,any genre will do.
cheerz,enjoyed listening

kiande [be] - 9 years ago

Skip: almost all synth sounds are made with the new 'Thor' instrument in Reason 4. It's a great piece of kit ;-) Btw, did you draw those pictures on your mySpace page? Fooking awesome!

Funky [be] - 9 years ago

waaah.super synth sound... Got to pick up Reason 4 damnit :) Excellent story in your track also.. great work again, pitty you don't post tracks that often.. grtz! (Your main synth chords is rather 'prominent' and very audible in the mix... A little kickback (compression, eq, I don't know exactly..) would perhaps make it more part of the whole...)