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cunt - suicide might be the answer


easy piano song with some violins and cello
made it with the orchestral vst from edirol

still working on the sound, so just comment on the song itself.





icteder [be] - 9 years ago

okay but do have a tip on your sound though.go search for a good rompler with real orchestreal sounds because if you want to make a descent neo classical song it's so unflatering if you use synthetic copies. Orchestral is in fact a synth .these are not samples but synthesized sounds of the real deal. In my personal opinion this always sounds bad ,no mather how much you tweak them. take for example the soundtrack of gladiator:entirely made with digital instruments(as in protools).there can be found very descent sample packs of even individual orchestras(they are very expensive but i think you can find them on the net, hint).i even believe london symphonic orchestra have one but i'm not sure. just a tip.i'm not a fan of your composition but it's very well made but a bit to mellow for my tast.cheers

Skip [be] - 9 years ago

sound of piano is verry ok (I would maybe try different reverbs,and lower a tiny bit the highest notes,its something I personally usually do alot)
Biggest problem for me would be the sounds of the strings.Sounds much more like a synth,which makes it sound kinda cheap.Dont you think?
Its way to much in contrast with the piano.Piano sounds realistic enough i.m.o.
I really think the strings from the Hypersonic Vst are even better than these used here.(super vst,verry good and alot! of sounds,if you dont have it,consider checkin it)
But the best thing would be good samples,where you put the end of the sample in a loop so you can make longer notes than the length of the sample.
(dont know how or if you can do that with the software you use,I do it verry often in FL Studio)

Anonymous [be] - 9 years ago

ortodox europa

Phye [be] - 9 years ago

again a very strong compo, i can feel u're educated in music ! and something, imo, doesnt have to be complex or hard to be good ! ;)
as for the violins they indeed sound a bit like a synth rather than violins. but very hard to reconstruct an irl sound. thumbs up