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rool (a500era) - nightfall


the track with the zillion samples.

this music was made on a commodore amiga 500 somewhere in the mid nineties. some time ago i decided to record my old music, so it didn't get lost.

this music might not impress you but bear in mind, sound was only 4 hardware-mixed channels of 8-bit sound at up to 28 kHz.
i used this program that made it possible to double the tracks (4 left and 4 right), though the sound quality was cut in half. there were no sound effects algorythms whatsoever (not even echo) but just plain volume control. i had to play with the samples itself to try to get some flow in it and to cover up the lack of sound quality. for example: the acid sound in the intro might sound as if the cutoff-frequency changes, but i actually used two samples with different frequencies and i played with the volumes of them.

i hope you enjoy this. if so, you might want to listen to my other amiga-songs.

(composed on amiga 500 with oktalyzer v1.54 - 150bpm)





bassmonk [be] - 13 years ago

dude, I love this track! I like the sound and regarding your explanation about the few possibilities it is done in a creative way,+ fav!
part between 3 and 4 minutes is a bit repetitive and the end is unnecessary and abrupt but it sounds (a)live. I find that ttracks like this show that you do not need elaborate possibilities or the latest technologies to make exciting music.
ps: fits better in the acid section. one of the better acid tracks I heard on ebel

brambi [be] - 13 years ago

Fat track! Only bad thing I can say is that the acid intermezzo (without beats/breaks) near the end was too long for me personally

but for the rest nice old skool track!! :)

rool [be] - 13 years ago

you're both right, the acid intermezzo is far too long... but i remember i made it this long for mixing purposes. anyway, thanks for your positive comments.

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 13 years ago


awesome track
rave vibes²
nice details & such, very clean sound...

some comments:
-there's some white noise in the background maybe try removing it
-sometimes when a loop is repeated (especially around 1.50 sec) theres sometimes a little gap wich makes it more obviously looped. This a kind of anoying to me...

and yes the acid part is a bit too long

In conclusion: AWESOME, realy enjoyed this!!

I do like to state that this isn't dnb, but rave, maybe it should be moved to the rave section (tho the music I hear in ebels rave section doesn't sound as rave to me at all...)
So to me: this is the best rave song on ebel! thumb up

rool [be] - 13 years ago

wow, cruize... thanks. really, i'm quite amazed that these tracks get this (few but yet) positive comments. too bad i can't work on these tracks anymore...

btw, i'm a bit confused now... i thought this really was dnb (mainly because of the drums), bassmonk called it acid and you call it rave. so where should i put it then?

kvain [be] - 12 years ago

the sound whas not so bad at all those days... crazy track, but good.

particle [be] - 12 years ago

no man it's definitely idm ;)
i like , good track with the right elements and good mix really enjoyable!


CruizeOfFiction [be] - 12 years ago


tblijft me het trackje wel!

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 12 years ago

ow yeah, about the genre issue:

dnb: 165 - 180 bpm
Emphasis on the bass & on the drums

this is indeed more acid/raveshizzle

IskaRiot [be] - 12 years ago

damn, nice groove.
i take particle's side, idm i say^^

Kreyz [be] - 12 years ago

wow really good track
reminds me of some really famous band ... :p
I especially like those drums : real nice rithm.

I would def not call this idm : rave all the way for me

rool [be] - 12 years ago

rave it is :)

it pleases me a lot that this old music gets this sort of attention, and i hope it pleases you as much.

you might enjoy all the other amiga-songs that will be online shortly. i managed to get my amiga going last weekend (after more than 10 years it still works perfectly), and i'm able to record most of what i did back then.

particle [be] - 12 years ago

saved :))

HyeVolture [be] - 12 years ago

same here: kool oldskool!