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Le Point G - Obsession


Made the 27 Decembre 2004, until 4am in the morning, because i just had to finish it.

Lyrics talk about this ex girlfriend... It's been a while, but the fact that i still think about her once in a while, sometimes makes me wonder if i don't have a sickened obsession for our failed relation ....

Song was made before La Couette..
This track came out of nowhere really, it's after this one that i decided to make La couette and others that will follow :)





Carbura [be] - 16 years ago

Addeto my favourites. Really a song that moves you. Nice voice.
Let them come.

amorph [be] - 16 years ago

pretty fun .;. i don't like that snare sound (the first one) though but it's just a matter of taste ...
btw, i thought u stopped producing :p

ZARk [be] - 16 years ago

no, i took a break couple of months ago, basically 'cos i was drying up .. And video was taking a big part of my creative vision .. now both are coming into picture ...

spootnick [be] - 16 years ago

Very nice, very calm, I think it's excellent. I want to hear more were that came from! How did you do the vocals?

Elkhor [be] - 16 years ago

it's so empty

just a ritmik part (so simple) , a lil sound and your voice :s

Maybe you can write some vocals more "intelligent" because those vocals make me think to a pre ado who discover sex lollll , I'm sure you're not like that :p

ZARk [be] - 16 years ago

And i bet you think nancy sinatra's song is just about boots and that gainsbourg was singing only about candy's ....
What you say isn't always what you mean ...

and besides that, the only thing 'sexual' in the track is the first sentence ....

amorph : yeah, i used a 808 kit, the snare sounds more like a tom ...
I did it to keep a lo-fi and dark sounding beat, and to just have hi tones with the hihats.
Also it gives a great contrast with the 'normal' kit i use for the breaks

spootnick : vocals were recorded in cubase with a behringer mic and a samson preamp.
3tracks, one with some heavy granular delay and no lows (the whispers you hear), one track with 'radio sounding' EQ and some slicing
and the other is a normal track, just compressed and slightly eq'ed to clean it up

boy [be] - 16 years ago

nice one! think it really captures the right emotions:) it has a certain... bluesy feel to it i guess. give's me images of 30's movies where some guy in a raincoat walks trough the streets at night... or something like that.

good music anyway!

panzerkunst [be] - 16 years ago

well if you only think about erection and ejaculation when you rethink about this relationship i understand why she left :P

djit [be] - 16 years ago

funny one, you must be relieved now

Remember: no woman can make up for a good handshake. i mean a gooood handshake.


Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

i think its got an erieely beautiful feel to it...

Distreality [be] - 14 years ago

nice laidback atmos...

Sapajdacosta [be] - 14 years ago

hahah les paroles trop profond :d