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Carbura - Downtown


Hi, got ya some new rave. Unfinished thou. I have some words that I'll try to give a deep touch. For now you'll have to do it with the music.

Let me know if the track got any potential...





cestqui [be] - 16 years ago

a tip from 1 reason user to another>>

make sure not 1 sound goes through several masteringsuites(the 1 elevates it settings of the 2nd=result>>nothing>blur)

even if this sounds ok,i still hear that the kickdrum is somewhere going through more suites(i see that in corelation,it only moves on the bazeline)

for composition,i must admire it,if it wasen't trance

i will point it out for once and for all,techno or rave is not happy styled

even if ya put on a heavy kickdrum ,it wont turn magicaly into techno,only in hardtrance

techno is more then rythmes and baze,its a feeling wich i cant explain,it resembles energy,vibes ...even funky from time to time,it makes us dance not dream

it goes all wrong in yours,when you introduce that tiesto -vanguard sound

post it in trance or hartech-trance,or simply change that 1 sound

it sounds prity to the stumac wich is good,full of sound,only that kickdrum........and lots of personal taste


Carbura [be] - 16 years ago

that counts as a constructive comment. It's worth working on it. Thanx.

PlanetsCitizens [be] - 16 years ago

Nice one!!!!

cestqui [be] - 16 years ago

i hope its constructive,i think ya have more suxes there with these sounds,people in techno section are more on the look out for powered up-agressive tunes

look these names up for what i mean>>chris liebing,monica cruse,the advent,adam bayer,claude young,

if ya dig more spheric techno,ya have to listen to technasia,more pads in the melody lines

its a thin line,between houzy-techno-trance ,its easely crossed just by some details,wich i try to explain,but again its all about what it makes you feel,thats what defines if its house or techno

ya can use an old retro rave sound in house,iff the global picture says house,but the moment ya use a vanguard synth(trance -synth)ya have plain trance whatever the side -picture is

i repect your taste,about sounds,but i had to correct the fact it isen't techno - rave,talk to dj zwjief about that,i'm sure he will have a hartattack(founder of raving zone-casino oostende-in the 90's with felix da housecat ,etc)