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reaman - Belle Claire NYC lounge


some of you guys are going to love this - listen the entirety of the track... there's some spanish guitars, vinyl rhodes, piano, strings and one or two modified electronic presets. Just one existing sample (djembes).





DJerem [be] - 16 years ago

Hoooooooooooooooooo !!!!

You know what i thing of this !!!

Lol !!!


kiande [be] - 16 years ago

i kind of like this. could use some polishing here ant there though (pads could be better of with a slower decay, for example). lastly, i somehow feel a certain shyness in this production.. don't be! spice it up with an adventurous piano or synth solo.. something like that. overall: well done, more please.

vanpet [be] - 16 years ago

the melody is almost inexistant it's always the same, it's boring in the end...

at 3'00 i love the electro sounds.

but there is no structure in this track, it's just loops that are... looped ! :)

but it has a warm atmoshpere very jazzy... destroyed by the spanish guitar.. which i find horrible!

good things and bad things in this track. i give no "bad point" but no "good point" for you, sorry ;)

alcassandre [be] - 16 years ago

nice track. I like this acid melody...
Good job.

cestqui [be] - 16 years ago

mixed feelings about it,cant discribe it,i find it desonantic.not all parts ,but some

the guitar is played at same timing of the piano,try to shift it some 1/4 or 1/8,backwards

for daring,i apriciate it,greetz

Carbura [be] - 16 years ago

Ok, good job, good sounds exept the guitar (too messy). I'm not a fan of the cuts in the beginning. If you 'ld add a better solo at the end (more simple) this has potential.

It's a good track to me but needs work imho.
Anyway, keep it up. I love such tracks. It actually inspired me to start a likewise project, so you've touched me in a way.

Take care.

Funky [be] - 16 years ago

Damn! Nifty idea indeed! Could use some 'fine tuning' here & there..For example in the pad, like Kiande says... But this is really specially done...And me fancies a lot!! :) I'm waiting for that next edit! 's Gonna be a beauty! Big up man! Grtzz! P.S. And yeah, what about some gitaar or rhode solo elements in it?

reaman [be] - 16 years ago

was a little upset at first about vanpets comment... no structure??? boring???... but hey, if that's your opinion i must respect that. Personally i think it doesn't lack structure... in the contrary: 5 parts: rhodes and strings - electro and rhodes - rhodes and strings and electro - electro - everything (guitars incl.). Some songs on ebel lack structure more than this one, with the little instrumentation it has it manages not to be boring (imho ofcourse - if you say it is it probably was boring for you - maybe not your kind of song) ... some parts may be a lttile long i agree... but no structure?! Anyway vanpet, glad you didn't just vote against without writing a comment.
to the others: thanks for little points of criticism - anything can be improved

ReftsidelighT [be] - 16 years ago

good production, real solid!

misstrohan [be] - 16 years ago

not bad, not bad at all ;)

just the strings are getting me bored after 4 minutes...
but the guitar makes it alright :)