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DarkStar - Give Me Some Energy


This is the first track i post on electrobel. I made it with a roland sh-32 and cubase se. The vocal was made by my girlfiend Miss Kate.





DJerem [be] - 12 years ago

Héé it's my neighbour !!! hello !!!

Sympatic first track on E bel !!! i like very much the vocal , the sound is oldy but it's just your synth ... nice job !!!

welcome on e bel !!!

FlashyJ [be] - 12 years ago

Really, really nice ! Cool dreamy tune !

Could need some mastering... and overall, REVERB ! Reverb and a little bit of 8/16 delay could do wonders on that charming vocals.. and on some synths too !

Really cool track, with some more work, it would be kinda Tunnel Records like... fast energetic and happy german trance !

Thumbs up !!! Goes in my favourites !

Apsyche [be] - 12 years ago

I agree with FlashyJ on this one

DarkStar [be] - 12 years ago

I' m proud of you Darkstar!!!I'm sure you'll be a very very good compositor in the future...You're on the good way!All yours songs make me dream!I'll be always next to you to give you some courage! ILY

DarkStar [be] - 12 years ago

this previous message was written by my girlfriend but she goes on electrobel on her computer and forgot to log off my name. so she comment with my name. but it was not me.

IsSeN [be] - 12 years ago

first of all, i want to repeat the reverb comment, you really need it more in this track...

i don't like the sounds of your synths, they aren't deep, i don't know roland sh-32 but with vsti's you can better sounds then tis one...

ur bass is simple to, only 1 line, very standard bassstructur, i think i hear an other bass synth in the background but also with a standard structur.

the track isn't "dreaming", it's not deep + there's not much feeling in the melodie i think.

ur kick needs to be compressed more, you can't really hear the boem in the kick it's a simple high click.

your drums are very simpel to, the open hat's quality is bad 2, could use some effect.

i do like te vocal and some ideas of your song. the structur is nice 2.

in general you should use waaay more effects. ur vocal, you could do much more with this when u add some effect...

it needs more work i think ...