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komluv - Forma Klick


it's an older track but i reworkted some and cestqui it's good that you are hard on me because that inspiars me to do it beter





cestqui [be] - 12 years ago

i'm sure of this!!!

its already better,just not found of that melo at 1min15;

and a short closed hi hat,would suit this so good!!!

the guitarmelo is better;but its time you went beond reason;if ya want natural stretched samps;

and import that product in reason,if ya like to finish it in reason;

i save you the trouble of lookin and searchin;hows that;

and uh,the higher freqs sound harsh

over all conclusion;kick is perfect;melo's can be more realistic(natural pitch and speed)

and euuh,will repeat myself,cause sometimes people need a bit of motivation(although i already said it,personaly),but u are on your way;

but dont think,by having us,as listeners,you dont have to prove yourself anymore,i know you dont think like this,but this is for acidental
readers ,lol

and i know i speak for a lot of people,that known artists loses that focus along their way in suxess;

time is still on your hands,make it usefull,you are young,make your songs more worked out;

if ya want a 5 min opinion,i'm available on msn,but all these posts,are sometimes unnecary;

and dont pretend there arent any other users here,and adress cqi all the time,so unpersonal;

and for alll others that never write comments,if i hear bad songs,and the user does not show himself too much in comments,i dont support;

vice versa;if some one comments all the time,and does not prove anything himself;he's on my shitlist;

i'm not egoistic ,when i say comments,its in general,not my comments!!!i heared a lot of good stuff lately;with little comments or sugestions;

each for his own,has to decide how he reacts,but i can say only this,be honost,dont be shy;most of ya are afraid to comment,for the repercusions;

as long there are people like me.....and some 4-10 others,and i dont call names(repercusions)

no-one has to fear it,as long as you stay yourselves(very important)

cause after all this fuzz,i aint eger to comment,and if i draw the line through to other people,i start to understand this desease among co-producers

music is about feelings,but if ya are filled with feelings like jelousy or greed,or whatever....where's it gone get you;
all you guys,say,what the hell he knows!!!!welll ,like it or not;

cqi's msn,has become a confesionchair,lately,complainin,naging;
not to speak of pm's

and it aint concerning me


djsennahoj [be] - 12 years ago

if some one comments all the time,and does not prove anything himself;he's on my shitlist;
>>That's especially for me!!! Thanks for the attention cqi!!! I'm honored!!!
cqi's msn,has become a confesionchair,lately,complainin,naging;
>>So GET ON THERE komluv! Since he speaks so cristalclear he's a friend everybody wants... but not everyone gets him :(

cestqui [be] - 12 years ago

you always like to put the neg at front

paint me of as an asshole

well,reflect on this one litlle sentence

>be yourself,and its gone be alright...lalallaaa

and friends,you have to disurve,and earn;

stop trying,may be you will get more of them;

you start to act like the cableguy,lol

and why is it that you feel adressed by the post?you seee any resemblence with yourselve,do you?


icteder [be] - 12 years ago

what a nice couple you two are.lol

cestqui [be] - 12 years ago

this aint a couple question,its more of a stalking question


Anonymous [be] - 12 years ago

feda makker ge zé meer dan goe bezig beter dan ooit :)