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Funky - Rhode Trip


Rediscovered Reason & learned all sorts of stuff... Thx to cestqui for the sound & reason tips! Made this track from melo's found while 'freestyling' on my midi keyboard... I would like to do so much more with it, but my pc doesn't agree with me :( So this is the result for now... I would be happy to get some feedback from you guys... Grtz





PlanetsCitizens [be] - 17 years ago

Cool! Music to listen in California, driving fast near the ocean, with a blonde candy sitting on your side! ;-)

aphone [be] - 17 years ago

Funky 's come back...;)

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! lol

great sound, beat to repetitive for me, the trompet edit is great really but the sound of the trompet is to electonic , and a voice would fit perfectly!
so mutch ideas in this one!! guud job !!!!

and shure I totaly agree with PlanetCitizens , California trip :p

reaman [be] - 17 years ago

like the jazzy sound, very cool basssound. Saved it to HD!!
Already drove along the ocean in California - it was a brunette then... my wife. I can find myself in Planetcitizens comment.

Anonymous [be] - 17 years ago

-- Comment deleted by Funky--

cestqui [be] - 17 years ago

i remembered it was hot that day,but i dont recall me,beiing in california,hahah funky,you did great,but

if ya dident fuk up that sound of the bazeline,ya had comments like ,man california,fukn big buds,tweaks in the head of that solid delicoius BAZELINE etc

its a pity of thelack of power of your pc,seems its a bug in 3.0>will be solved in 3.01(there must be a god),will be less heavy on those rams in the future,no comments on the rest,execpt that sax,you know what it should be in my opinion,wich is strictly personal

keep them comin,on that reason-able production level,greetz

eddie [be] - 17 years ago

very nice groove in that bassline. mastering could be a bit better (as cestqui said). Rhodes are nice too, but I'm not that fund of the trumps.

all and all, a nice production you have there!

keep up the good work.


Funky [be] - 17 years ago

Thanks guys! Those California comments make me want to go on a holiday :) Many, maybe all of you guys' remarques are correct... I'm not happy with certain sounds neither...Especially the trumpet sound...sounds more 'plastic' the higher you play it... :( But I really wanted a trumpet :) Structure is not good neither...No breaks, to long... It's really stupid that my pc can't handle more in the song for the moment...I'm waiting for that patch :) Thanks for the tips/advice all..I'll certainly take them in mind when I'll continue this one...Grtzz

DJerem [be] - 17 years ago

Nice Nice Nice !!! lots of diffrents sounds and melodies !!! it's realy cool !!! and very groovy !!!

Good job I add You to my favorite !!!

misstrohan [be] - 17 years ago

wow... very very nice...
like the bassline very much, very groovy...
it makes me feel flying!!!!!!

transynth [be] - 16 years ago

owow you never told me 'bout this track how come? :)
it's quality stuff, i like those trumpets it's really nice work mr Fun-K love this.
the rhode piano is nice, very funky again mate :)
good job, gonna check more of your tracks later 'cause it seems to me i haven't heard it all yet ;) Grtz!

Funky [be] - 16 years ago

Thanks mate! :) It's gonna be a bitch work'n this out..Lot's 'real' instruments are needed in this track.. Grtz

laciotat [be] - 4 years ago

feels good