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reaman - eternal blessings


if Natas is willing to grant us a view
of eternal blessings and honeydew

rather dark experiment with rather detuned orchestra strings and semi-acoustic guitars
a sliced beat
and some spoken vocals

(this is not the final version - its only three minutes long (lol)... did not take care of the beginning (after five seconds) and end... could you give me some ideas how to finish it? - I want to make it even more catchy)

Dont tell me the strings are detuned - its meant that way!

didnt know where to put it... its a gothic idea /epic sounds /experimental setup





FabioPersonale [be] - 14 years ago

Some special music i must say. Very original About the ending Dunno what to say to enhance it. I'm not really at my place with this music
Keep it up

Rabauw [be] - 14 years ago

I would like to hear a different beat production, more electronic and less "live". The general idea is good, you just need to find a decent intro hehe ;-). I think the song structure is still a bit messy, but since you said it ain't finished I guess we can call this the prototype version :).
The softly spoken vocals are good and truly fit in, but somewhat drown in the mix. Don't know if that was the purpose...?

The first acoustic part just grabs everyone's attention. Transition with the strings from there on is okay, but like I said, after that you should reconsider the structure.

For the ending: maybe you could try to end it with the spoken word again, but suddenly drop the music before the final vocals so it ends with just your voice. I think that would be a nice.

I won't comment too much yet, as you said yourself it ain't finished.

Keep me informed on this one!

reaman [be] - 14 years ago

thanks, some good ideas in your comment
i'll keep you informed

cestqui [be] - 14 years ago

rabauw,the man witch the calculated words,and they hold always truth;

only he can come up,with the wright words;

totaly agree,greetz

Rabauw [be] - 14 years ago

You're flattering me, cestqui, now I've got a blush on my cheeks ;-). Too much honour ;)

Seriously though, I'm glad you can relate to my postings, however this is my totally subjective opinion, so I don't hold the universal truth...

aphone [be] - 14 years ago

superb picture, really enjoyed it alot :)) got a tricky feelin on this witch is verrrrry guud !!
only idea i can give ya is : when spoken words are comin @ 1:30 a guud break would fit perfectly im thinkin about some lil fast kicks with lot delays, pan, and cut som frequ on it, this could give a spacey break very nice if ya see what i mean. more beat variations and maybe more detuned strings , you know what, a bitmore of the mood from your previous track

greetz manneke

reaman [be] - 14 years ago

keep em coming those comments and advice
want to make it stronger
aphone: could you give an exaple of what you mean cuz' sorry, it's not yet clear to me...

aphone [be] - 14 years ago

its like a snare roll, but with the kick , with less frequ and lot of delays and pan left right... in mytrack °°dirty soul°° i use it alot , and here it could give somethin guud

liquidbass [be] - 14 years ago

I don't like Natas... and Reficul neither...

but your song is cool !

reaman [be] - 14 years ago

me neither...
just wrote some words that fit the song
thanks for checking out

Funky [be] - 14 years ago

I agree also with Rabauw that the track could use some more electronic elements...In the rythm section...For the rest I'd rethink the structure somewhat...Maybe re-user that guitar intro piece after a break towards the middle of the song... And some sounds need to be finetuned some more in order to do the trick... I like what you're doing latelyl I hope u score yourself a score one day ;) Grtz

owen [be] - 14 years ago

special verrrrry special i like it !
sorry i need to pratice giving people advice on their tracks yet so all i can say now is dont change the title it suits it well!
(and i must say thanks for all your past comments up till now! they have inspired me a lot!) ;)

edith [be] - 14 years ago

enjoyable track , reminds me a bit of jimi tenor.. but on the other hand it's not really comparable to anything. Ideas to finish it up ... more trumpets ! a complete bigband wouldn't be bad either. dunno ...