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luna - Ayoli hot date




TheThreatOfDawn [be] - 14 years ago

Cool track! Something completely different from most of the track and artists on ebel! (ok, I haven't listend to them all...) But realy like it a lot.
Just one comment: I would have turned the "squeeking noise" that runs from the beginning till the end of the song down a little... it's just a little dominant imho.

HarryPoppins [be] - 14 years ago

Afx meets ...

yenneman [be] - 14 years ago

Really dreamy...personally, I'd drop the percussion part, or stuff it somewhere deep in the background...but that's just personal taste I guess. More please :) .

heatfuse [be] - 14 years ago

agree with yenneman about the percussions: the repetitve patterns of the percussions completely clash with the other more improvised instruments. mayeb you did it intentionally, but to me it was like those candies called "napoleon": very sweet but with a bitter taste. except for that one remark, the rest was very enjoyable imo ;)

Rabauw [be] - 14 years ago

I didn't like this as much as your first track. Like Yenneman and Heatfuse already pointed out, the percussion takes away some attention from the rest. I have to go along with Yenneman's option to put it more in the background, it seems to be rather upfront now. I'm also rather annoyed by that electronic effect inbetween the kicks, especially because it lasts during the song's entirety.

As for the melodies it's very abstract and avant-garde, which is a good thing.

Sound quality and mixing is a lot better here than on your first track. But musically, I liked the first one more, even though I always appreciate experimentalism and you clearly have an eye for it.

orfeo [be] - 14 years ago

yeah,luna after only 2 tracks , i can ear that you have a lot of sensibility in your composition.And for this one a good rythm too.I am waiting for the third (faster as possible).thumb up.

Anonymous [be] - 14 years ago

very nice ideas in here.. cute melo's..but i think you should review your improvised notes before finishing your song.. the notes are good, but they can be better dosed and timed imho. I think this will contribute to the drive and smoothness of your song (i hope ;) ) grtz

ReftsidelighT [be] - 14 years ago

mmm i thought i was logged in, anyway, comment was mine :) grtz

PsyAviah [be] - 14 years ago

in my opinion i'd loose the drums
or try other drumpatterns..
don't think there's something wrong with the programming of the other notes..

Keep it up again,
i like your ideas!

icteder [be] - 14 years ago

i like this but some structure is needed.but good elements i think.maybe a theme that takes the lead at a moment because now i hear a lot of good notes and chords but lack of overal song structure.good start greets

Doorchaser [be] - 14 years ago

Nice would've loved it to hear it as an ambient track. Not that I detest the rhytmics but...

i think It would've sounded more eclectic without them.

Good job anyway