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luna - Zianya




Bedlam [be] - 11 years ago

when is your next collabo with Kwen ? :p

Well its a bit minimalist and one thing especially bothers me..
Is that the quantization is very bad...
I mean notes come late and stuff its a bit wierd...
Its not in harmony with the drums or sometihng... it bother me alot !

So i'll stay neutral...
It's a bit like random notes beings played on a basic drum roll... like there is no structure !

That is all !

MucH [be] - 11 years ago

Totally agree with bedlam!! But I like the ambiance you would give to it, but in fact, you always have time problem, the melody dont fit the drums and it's really too bad :/

It's like you have an idea in your head, and you cant totally get it to the reality o_O

A big lack of structure and of 'confiance en soi' , this is really dommage because it would be a great great song ^^

reaman [be] - 11 years ago

nice rythm
I think I know your problem... (i you already realised it yourself)....
you got some good ideas but once you start a certain melody you've got difficulties switching over to something else, that's a bit why your song lacks a little in variation.

Anyway, keep making them songs... you already made it to the top3 in ambient.

Rabauw [be] - 11 years ago

I don't have any problems with the timing, to me it just sounds like your typical experimental style. Ain't easy to put some rhythm section over a classical string composition, then these guys start complaining becos it's not standard-easy-1-2-3-4 kick-hat-snare-hat. :)
To my ears, it sounds just fine. I guess you learned the finger snapping from Kwen he? :)
I kinda see Reaman's criticism, especially for this one, it's hard to see the different pages in the book - if you know what I mean. Not easy to discern between the different elements in this song (I'm not talking about all your songs sounding more or less the same, like I said before - that ain't the case here). The question is, if you do it on purpose, it's a true challenge for your listener's to really 'feel' it.
One thing you could maybe do, is to create one or 2 melodies, keep them as they are, add some basic fx and drums, and then you got a nice starting point for a more structured whole. Work it out, think about where you wanna take it, once you've got a complete vision and you decide you still want to make something experimental out of it, you can tear it apart again, and restructure it in a challenging way. Maybe something for you to try...
Keep it up!