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Skip - Bi Secton


Used ONE synth and couple of effects


Experimentaion in emotion and form





ZoOlR [be] - 7 years ago

woow! good work with that single synth

StProost [be] - 7 years ago

Cool experiment, it's still very listenable. I like the middle part. I think i'm going to try something similar automating the pitch of one note tonight.

Letrange [be] - 7 years ago

First part is quiet interesting on the rythm point of view.

Second part is really cool, I love the melodies and the sound of the synth!! really great but so short! I would love a all tune off that!

Third part I don't really like.

Cool cool

Omyiga [be] - 7 years ago

interesting :p (kweet ni wadak er anders op zou kunnen zeggen) nice harmonies opt einde idd

Jelle [be] - 7 years ago

Good experiment! indeed liker the second part! but y'ave very good compositional ideas in the first and the third part, they just scream for a more divers soundpalet imo.

good job eh!

particle [be] - 7 years ago

cool man, you got some very atypic skip melodies here, i like it, kinda psychadelik or oriental even in a way it's how you want to see it, i like a lot the outcome
don't think it's screaming for a varied soundpalette, maybe just eer a little more fx in some parts, in other parts the harmony overwhelms nicely

HyeVolture [be] - 7 years ago

I like some things in this one, but not everything. I think this kind of thing would be cool to do totally live (in front of an audience, with a keyboard and some schuiverkes and knopkes for effects, to show off enal), but as a track I would add some more sounds (not necessarily beats, but at least some other pads). still one opinion amongst others of course.

Skip [be] - 7 years ago

cool comments ,thanx fella's

Skip [be] - 7 years ago

@ Hey Volture; idd, totally agree,doing it live, or at least being able to do it live would satisfy my/your/ones mind so much more...live electronica,someday....someday

bout he track,I like it as being "an experiment" ,and I like the word "experiment" here as being something unfinnished that never will be finnished (om hier deels te verdedigen)

HyeVolture [be] - 7 years ago

verdedigen hoeft ni echt ze, als er enen voorstander is van het experiment ben ik het wel! zeker nooit stoppen met experimenteren, anders komt er verzadiging en er is niks ergers in gelijk welke kunstvorm dan dat!

Skip [be] - 7 years ago

thanx apreciate it

Rag [be] - 7 years ago

yeah it has some really cool parts, nice experiment i would say

MnemOnic [be] - 6 years ago

like the way the song fucks up itself, and still survives at the end. Pure art.