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Funky - Chill



This is an attempt to a more loungy / chill track... Suggestions and comments are more then welcome...I think their could be more to it, but I ain't getting there...Maybe you guys can give me some directions...Enjoy..I hope! Grtz





misstrohan [be] - 15 years ago

wow.... this is a nice one, it's already in my fav :) just for meself, the drum is bit too loud, but it's great, some jazzy chill music, just like you said. it reminds me og kevin yost, which is a great compliment, i think :)

dorkbot [be] - 15 years ago

verry nice indeed... sounds very loud here, did you use compression in the mixdown?

the drum is perhaps a bit repetitive, but it kind of works in this track.

aphone [be] - 15 years ago

nice track my friend...
this one should be played with real instruments, there s a marvellous jazzy touch really loved that :p
in the beginnin maybe you could try to play with the attack of the piano, with fx too and maybe some pan and a light chorus in all the track... anyway, excellent compo BIGUP :))

cestqui [be] - 15 years ago

fukn ricoche''',i diden't hear it with the vibraphones,i would delete the piano solo,and turn it into the vibra;

and ya did a hell of a job on the sax,really(without hearin the plastic)

the violins are also new element,very nice,i would let it play that beatiful sax part,that goes up;just to keep it more realistic and refreshing

these are just all mindtwitches,when hearin a already good song

plus fukn fav fo sure!!

Romek [be] - 15 years ago

The track flows nicely

but as you say: there could be more to it

i think it's a matter of choosing the melodies ... the ones you've made now are just so very expectable if you know what I mean. It reminds me a lot of the kind of chill music they play in the train stations :D

so I'd suggest you *could* try to put something less cliché in it to make it more emtional/interesting in some way
you could also focuss more on a particular instrument (like the piano in strings for live)
And try to make something that builds up ... but also euhm how you say that ... down again, just to create contrast which is lacking now also

hope that makes sense to you :p

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

-- Comment deleted by Funky--

Funky [be] - 15 years ago

Ahaa..feedback! :) Me likes :)
@ misstrohan: That's a major compliment for wich u have my eternal gratitude! ;) I'm really glad u fancy my work! Thx for the + fav! Grtz
@ dorkbot: Thank you! And yes, I've put a compressor on my hardware interface in Reason. And afterwards I rendered the audio file through a Korg vst with some setting called mastering cd or something... But I admit having serious mastering troubles. Especially that piano gave me a hard time. Got loads of stuff to learn.... And the drums are always the same indeed...I assume I should put more of an effort in them to try an create some variety in it...Maybe a break here & there can do well also... I just hope that the bad mastering doesn't **** up the sound elsewhere...I appreciate you've given me feedback!! Grtz
@ aphone: Thanks!! It should also be played by real musicians then because i'm to much of a rookie to play this live ;) I know what you mean with the piano in the beginning of the track...I'll take that in mind, as the rest of your tips.... Grtz!
@ cestqui: Indeed, I (hope I) managed to make the sax sound less plastic :) Which took me quite a while actually... I'll try to see what it will give those strings in the melo of the rising sax...Thanks for the + fav! Grtz
@ Romek: Incredible!! A friend of mine made the same 'train station' remarque.. U guys related? ;) ( I think the vibra's maybe generate that feeling a bit, dunno why...) I think I know what you're getting at & believe me, I would like to see it that way also, but doing it will be less ez :) But I'll surely try!! Thanks for your learnfull comment!! Grtz

DJerem [be] - 15 years ago

héhé !!!! always good music when i chose to listen FUNKY !!!

i like it very much !!! nice nice lounge track !!!

do you use a new soft ??? the saxo sound is good !!! not perfect of course but good !!!

favs also !!! this song is a electrobel hit !!!

reaman [be] - 15 years ago

as for composition, quality and idea another triple A. Very good!!! As for the selection of sax sound I'm less happy. The sax sounds so very very very shy. Espeially for the high notes it's like the saxofonist barely dares to exhale. I was getting short of breath listening - it's no joke. Nevertheless, one has to work with the soft so as long as you can't record live sax you have to deal with those restrictions. In short: A late-night smokey bar sound for the sax would've fit better.

edit (after reading other comments): you see, de gustibus ... some like the sax!!!

Funky [be] - 15 years ago

@ Djerem: Thx!!! That sax comes out of Reason...It took me a while and I really have to watch out for the velocity's when I play my keyboard... thanks for the + fav!! But an electrobel hit...naaah... ;-)
@ Reaman: Thank you very much!! I was astonished to read that you don't like that sax :) But you're right...He can indeed barely exhale, because once the velocity is to high...then the plastic sound's there... I wish I could invite Candy Dulfer for a recording session ;-)

Alessia [be] - 15 years ago

Love your work! The sax sound is very good! The drum is a bit too loud, but it's a very good track!

Funky [be] - 15 years ago

Thx Alessia! Appreciate it! Grtz

edith [be] - 14 years ago

nice chill out laid back kick off ur shoes and relax music. real warm sounds. i think the drums could use some variation. Somewhere in the last minute or so , it needs a breakbeat that's a bit more uplifting. just some hihats here and there could do the trick ? and , the melody is good , but i think it's a good basis for much more improvisations. It had me humming along !